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Critical Acclaim

April 22, 2013

I have wondered in my childhood what it must feel like when you have just rendered a beautiful song and everybody in the auditorium gives you a standing ovation. Obviously it is something I can only wonder about in this lifetime since my vocal skills are nothing to write home about.

But , my inability to sing does not stop me from entertaining my family …actually, “only” my family. No, don’t start to sympathies with them. They don’t need it at all. We are a family which belongs together. And that simply means that we are equally endowed when it comes to vocal skills.  When in school choir, my father only did lip-sync…once he tried to sing the national anthem, he was terribly out of tune. Frankly, he doesn’t have a good voice either. But then neither does my mother, who has a sense of tune though. But a sense of tune is a bit useless without a powerful voice. My brother has a great voice and nobody in this world can deny that and he LOVES to sing, except he has no sense of tune. He begins a song and then somewhere gets lost and joins another song and realises after a minute that the song he is singing doesn’t exactly sound like the way it should…by that time, like a true sister I run to him to point out his mistake.

So, in such a family, I cannot be considered an outcast. 🙂

Kan Khara...tall and proud!

Kan Khara…tall and proud!

But as I have always pointed out…I have another family…that of stray cats and dogs. As far as cats are concerned, my singing was wasted on Dushtu. I don’t think cats can comprehend music as such. But dogs are more intelligent creatures and they understand humans more.

I was following my regular routine today…i.e, after an evening walk, relaxing on the swing with the dogs nearby. Since none of us had anything substantial to do, so I decided to entertain them and started humming. No reaction. So I went a step further and started singing a song – purano shei diner kotha (Auld Lang Syne)…a lovely song indeed but only when sung in tune.

So what was their reaction to my rendition of this beautiful song?

Well, I had barely finished singing one line when suddenly Kan Khara got up and started howling. And that prompted the other females and Poltu to start howling too. And it was one big singing club with all of them looking behaving like wolves. Loud and crazy and they just went on and on and on…

Needless to say, I was embarrassed. If everybody nearby stops and starts to look at you, if people decide to come out of their cozy living-rooms on to their balcony to see why the dogs are suddenly singing such a beautiful and melodious tune…and if you are found standing near those dogs at such a time…it is indeed an embarrassing moment.

I decided my best strategy at the moment would be to walk away and the moment I did that, they just stopped…all of a sudden, snapped right out of it. And I wondered…was I that bad? Or were they just accompanying me?  Whatever be the case, my singing seemed to have some effect on dogs!

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