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Holi Hai!

March 27, 2013
Holi Hai !!!

Holi Hai !!!

I had to really work hard to make them pose thus…well, actually I sort of tricked them into playing holi with me…

Holi, I and animals go a long way back. As a kid (my brother never took me along to play Holi with his friends and I had none of my own…no, not because I was a completely unfriendly person but because there wasn’t anybody my age in my colony.), I used to really look forward to the festival of Holi, almost like every other kid. However, unlike every other kid, I would play Holi with cows…yes you heard me right, cows!

Then I grew up, moved to a new colony and found people my age. Finally I grew up a bit more, went to university and had a lot of fun.

This year, I wasn’t well so going out wouldn’t be fun (not that there are too many places to go to for Holi). So I stayed in my apartment and played with known faces. And one of those was poltu ofcourse. He brought a friend along (who was awfully suspicious of me in the beginning).

Whatz up?

Whatz up?

Brownie gets a bit suspicious…but Poltu couldn’t care less.

I want...I want...I want!

I want…I want…I want!

Poltu thinks: Has Fatso given anything to Brownie already. I want…I want…

Brownie thinks : No, wonder …men are sooo dumb!

(yes, Brownie is a female…though she is more muscular than poltu)

Brownie was right…my intentions were… 😉

See I was right!

See I was right!

Quickly put a bit of colour on Poltu…Brownie escaped…

Oh no you don't!

Oh no no…no you don’t!

Thought I should put some on Brownie too…all in the name of “Holi” spirit! 😀

Brownie agreed to disagree with me.

Oh so there is food afterall!

Oh so there is food afterall!

Finally they were rewarded for their patience…with chicken salami

Fatso and poltu

Fatso and poltu

Poltu is always there, with or without food!

Not so bad afterall!

Not so bad afterall!

The day ended with Brownie finding me mildly likeable!

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