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What is the fuss all about?

March 18, 2013

It is about me and my animals obviously

me and poltu

My mother cannot quite relate to my enthusiasm levels when it comes to dogs. My mum has never been able to figure out what I see in street dogs, to be specific…Poltu.

To her, he is a street dog and carries a lot of germs. What if he were to bite me? In short, she can’t trust a dog that hasn’t been trained.

Though sometimes, I have to admit…my enthusiasm is a bit misplaced. For instance, once I saw a huge German Sheppard and decided to pet him. Quite stupid of me I admit. I mean you can’t really compare the two- there is our sweet poltu, a street dog who grew up near our house and there is an unknown German Sheppard (Ruben)…obviously, both cannot be treated in the same way. Royal dogs demand respect and I was promptly rewarded for my mistake. Ruben took my arm in his mouth and gave a warning…and it is at that moment that I realised that dogs can be dangerous. If just holding my arm can result in a persistent pain for a day…what would happen if Ruben had infact decided to bite me???

Good thing Ruben isn’t my dog (not that Poltu is)…it is so much easier with Poltu. He is sweet, wags his tail all the time, jumps on me whenever he sees me (though that’s not always good, especially when there are people around or when I am going out somewhere for something important.), licks my hand, tries to lick my face (but I am taller and I don’t like anyone licking my face, so that doesn’t happen…ever!), doesn’t bite  anyone, loves to eat most things…the list is endless.

can't seem to enter

Exhausted, disgusted and totally not entertained…my mum tells me, “you have no shame, you still pet Poltu!”. Now, why would she THAT about such a sweet fellow…??? (to be continued…)

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