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Because my Friends find my blog boring…

March 6, 2013

No I am not talking about Meow and her three kids. They are not my friends (more like family actually) though they definately find me boring, slow and stingy (according to them, I don’t give them enough treats).

Let us begin this story from the very beginning…because the beginning dates back to 2006 (I think), this might just get a bit long & boring. So hang on. As you’ll notice, brevity was never my style (another reason why I decided on a photo-blog this time).

I came to know about blogging in 2005 and had my own by the next year, except I didn’t know what to do with it. I had no opinions of the world at large (though I am a very opinionated person in general), atleast none to share with the world. So I decided to use the wonderful world of blogging for my personal purposes…yes, I began writing a sort of dairy…an online diary! And for some reason I assumed that no one would be interested in reading it. I mean who wants to read someone else’s boring life, right? Well, wrong! People in general do not want to read about your life (unless there is something unique going on there or you have the gift of  turning the boring to fun). They’d much rather read about their interests which could range from soccer to Socrates. But there is a category of people called, “friends” and as I realised yesterday (thanks to S), their opinions and preferences can be quite different from the entire population.

I started this blog about a year back, when I had already gotten bored of blogging (writing, in particular). I knew in my heart that this time it had to be about something I loved (if not eternal, then atleast temporary). And just as I was toying with this idea, Dushtu walked into my life (literally) with his sisters 🙂 … and I fell in love 🙂 (who wouldn’t?)

I didn’t think a blog about cats and dogs could be successful (mine isn’t exactly a success but hey, I tried)… I knew, I couldn’t pull it off but I had a few gigabytes of feline pictures…and this would be a good way to share all that! And then, it would take little to no effort to write those posts. Plus I was a proud owner of three wild, stray kittens (who didn’t want to be owned, but then which cat in this world is owned???) and had to advertise that too! So to have a photo-blog was a win-win situation for me. 😀

Sleepy me...because of Boring you!

Sleepy me…because of Boring you!

And thus began moishots!

I put in all sorts of pictures that appealed to me  but no one took much interest. I had sent my earlier blog addresses to one or two people and they would read and comment , openly or discretely. And since they just wanted to admonish me, so it was discretely done. Those blogs or their contents were not meant to be advertised or shared. Sometimes, some vague people would pass by and comment but it was oblivious to the world at large. So I realised that to increase traffic and spice things up this time, I would have to make some efforts. Real efforts! Instead of sending the link to my friends (none of whom were the proud or miserable owners of any blog) again, I tried to go and check out other feline blogs. And that turned out to be a good idea for two reasons –

I saw many more cat photos, videos and read interesting stories. And second, they appreciated my posts too (because I guess somewhere they could relate to it). Then, I decided to spice things up a bit more by making them (cats) talk…didn’t help that much but playing with Photoshop was fun! :-p .

My idea and efforts paid off…for the first time I had unknown people reading my blog, commenting on it and liking it…even if they were just a handful. But soon I got greedy (such is human nature)…I wanted more footage for my cats…I wanted more people to read about them (that’s a bit ambitious, especially considering that they aren’t even “my” cats!).

peaceful sleep

So, a couple of days back I decided to inform some of my friends about my “new” blog, hoping that they would pass the word around. Their initial enthusiasm  and interest all fizzled out the moment they saw pictures…of CATS ! After reading the tormenting stories of my imaginary love affair with someone who has never seen me smile or laugh in real, a blog on feline characters was too bland! A good friend and a regular reader of one of my old blogs tells me – “your blog is so boring. Its just got pictures of cats. After a point of time, you kinda get bored of it all“. And they never said all that about my other blogs (unless they meant it but never said it…now, that’d be different).

And that is when it struck me…I’ve  given the link to a few friends and NONE reverted back. None sent home any remarks. How lame…how unfair!!!

After a minute’s deliberation, I decided…I’ll stick with what I love …CATS! 🙂

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  1. Claudia LeStrange permalink
    March 6, 2013 9:20 pm

    Cats are NOT boring. At least mine isn’t! Yours are lovely 🙂

  2. April 8, 2013 5:00 pm

    Nice post. One of the problems, when you’re blogging, is that you get a lot of likes, and sometimes even comments from a lot of people who want to be read. They’re not really interested in what you have to say. They just want some attention. When I first started blogging, long before I moved to wordpress, I felt that it would be nice to respond to anyone who took the time to make some gesture, or be friendly to me… But after a while, I realized that it took a lot of time to respond, or even to read all those blogs, and time is precious. After all, I have a life, outside of the internet. I like to read; like music; like a lot of things. So I decided that I would read only those blogs that really grabbed me. And if someone made an interesting comment… that is, a really interesting one… I would read a bit of his blog, to see if I liked it. But that getting likes would not obligate me. It made life easier for me. I wrote long before I started blogging… in a different language… in Hebrew. Blogging was nice, because it offered the opportunity of replying to a writer that you like, and getting some comments from your readers. But then I ran into the problem of time…

    • April 8, 2013 7:33 pm

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. 🙂
      I can totally relate to whatever you are saying. But I think “like” works well at those times when you actually do like something but have nothing particular to say about it. It is a sort of encouragement to that person.
      I agree, reading every blog takes too much time…

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