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In your memory…

October 28, 2012

This story is about a dog which was beaten to death by nearly 100 people, all of whom were well educated, people who would normally rave about their sensitivity and maybe sensibility too.

I had met him about 3-4 months back during my evening walks. I hadn’t named him, no one had…he was not from our colony. But he did have a band around his neck. Obviously, he had once belonged to someone, maybe a little kid…or maybe a brute. In just a few days, I had befriended most of the dogs of our colony but this fellow never came near. He never played with the other dogs. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to play, he was just like the kid whom no one took in their team…the ever neglected one! I used to feel bad for him but then there were so many dogs in the central park that I had no time to actually think about him.

Then one day dog-catchers were called in and they caught all the young, inexperienced dogs and took them away. I was heart broken, for my favourite “poltu” was gone. He was too soft to survive outside. 😦

But couldn’t do much about it…

Even then, four dogs could not be caught and were left in the apartment premises…this black one was one of them. Lack of company and our mutual curiosity towards each other brought us closer. Soon we became friends. And in just a month or two, he began waiting for me…for my evening walks. Whenever he saw me, he would run towards me…you could see the happiness in him but unlike every other dog, he would not jump over me. He would let me pat him but thereafter move away. He was never comfortable with human contact (I wonder why…maybe an abusive past?). But he liked me and all because I liked him…such was the simplicity of our relationship!

Then about a month back, I learnt that Blackie (he never had a name) had bit someone. I brushed it off as gossip. A few days later, he bit someone else. I  defended him and told everybody that kids must have irritated him (because they did…kids used to throw stones at him because he was ugly). But he kept biting…the cable guy, pizza delivery boy, washer-man, maid, residents, children…and all the while he would jump with joy when he’d see me (he used to actually “jump”!). I couldn’t believe that he could bite anybody…that this cutie for me was a ferocious dog for someone else. Something was wrong somewhere…I just couldn’t figure it out.

Meanwhile, the residents of our apartment thought that he was our pet and showed up at our door step a week back. No one had ever shown up at our doorstep like that, no one had thus complained and my father was visibly upset about that. The residents thought that just because he was so happy to see me, so I must be feeding him, entertaining him and maybe secretly teaching him to be aggressive to a select few. Is it so difficult to understand- if you love someone, you get love in return…I am not sure whether it holds true for humans but it does hold true for animals!

After that day, I stopped going to the central park for evening walks.  For  a day or two, Blackie came to check why I wasn’t coming but I didn’t entertain him. I didn’t even go out and talk to him. I thought a bit of detachment would help. I also assumed that the corporation people would be called in and they would be taken away to shelter homes.

But I was wrong.

I was only about having breakfast when I heard hurried footsteps and then lots of voices and then a scream. They had hit poltu. Before I could go out, they had moved on…I could hear someone shouting, “The black one has escaped“. A lady said, “hit the white one (meaning poltu…and poltu has never bitten anybody, not even a cat!!! He can’t even harm a fly)…hit whoever you can get your hands on“. I didn’t know who to reason with and what to say. A mob  was chasing four dogs… utter chaos. These were not in the frame of mind to understand, reason….they just wanted to get things done their way. Yet, I assumed that they would get the dogs out of the colony, since that was everybody’s main objective.

But I was wrong. Very wrong…

My maid told me a few hours later that they had caught hold of Blackie and hit him till all the bones of his body broke and he was nothing but a lump. She didn’t know whether he was alive, in all likelihood he wasn’t. I felt like hitting all those people who hit him so savagely. I realised a bit too late, they didn’t want him to leave the colony….they wanted to see blood. They wanted him dead, they wanted to see him suffer, to torture him. Today, I saw the raw-savage like behavior in some of the most decent people, or people whom I thought were decent.

I don’t know why Blackie used to bite people but he loved me every bit. He was not mad, just extra careful…a bit uncomfortable. No one understood that. But why kill him? And if you had to remove him (forever), why not drug him? Why be so barbaric? It seemed that all those people there got some pleasure out of seeing him run…run for his life and then finally, have no where to run to. They seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of beating him to death. Infact a young chap in our colony boasted of killing the dog  (To me, this was nothing but cowardice!). But it was an unfair match…100 people with thick, long sticks to one dog.

Its a sad day. I don’t know what to feel…sorrow, shame, pain, horror…what should one feel and think at this point? But one thought just doesn’t seem to escape…could I have averted this? Is there any way in which  his life could have been saved?

Everytime I close my eyes, I see a black dog running towards me and jumping with joy and I am filled with guilt…could I not have done something for him…something…

How do I erase that picture from my mind…how???

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  1. October 28, 2012 7:57 pm

    my heart just broke 😦

  2. October 29, 2012 9:49 am

    Onions, damn onion, someone is chopping onions in my room 😦


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